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FairyTale City > FairyTale City is now Available for Android!

★ Thank you for making FairyTale City a wildly popular success ★
We’ve been flooded by requests from our users to bring FairyTale City to the Android platform. Now, we are delighted to announce that FairyTale City is available on the Google Play Store.

FairyTale City is a city-building game with a twist: It happens in a fantasy world, where fairy tales come alive. Start with farming, build businesses to grow your city, add magical animals and trees, and increase your city population to make it a bustling, thriving city. As you progress, watch Cinderella come and live in your city, and help her meet her Prince Charming. Grow your FairyTale City, and welcome all your favorite fairy tale characters into your city. It’s a place where magic never ceases to amaze you!

Download for Android: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yesgnome.fairytale