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Zombies are trying to take control while a small group of people are trying to put up a fight in the last human frontier. They’re calling out for more people to join them. Build an awesome town and fight against the relentless Zombie Hordes.

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Author Topic: Dixie Belle in Zombie West
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Dixie Belle in Zombie West
on: April 24, 2013, 18:05


Though Zombie West is a war zone with frequent Zombie attacks, it's also the only known safe haven gathering a lot of survivors. With collective effort, they're trying to make it habitable and also fighting off Zombies. Among such chaos, you should be glad that there is Dixie Belle for company. Sweet and charming Dixie Belle makes all hearts melt by her persona and her alluring words that feel like a delicacy. But watch out! Dixie Belle expects all to run the extra mile for her, again and again.

Dixie Belle is new to Zombie West and she is terrified of Zombies so help her settle and adapt to live in your Town.

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