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Zombie West is looking out for more survivors. It’s your turn now! Be dead or join to saddle up and twirl your gun in a face off against the walking dead. As one of the very few nevertheless standing up tall, build your town in order to appeal to survivors and create an individual settlement. Defend this against the invading Zombies as they create mayhem by boosting your defenders, their shooting range as well as constructing resilience while you farm. Create a township for the last few surviving humans.

Zombie West is an action packed game that combines city building with thrilling gun battles for a last stand against the zombies. Build an awesome town in the Wild West using an array of defense structures strategically and defend it against the relentless ZOMBIE HORDES!

Zombie West

What’s new:

You have a whole new breathtaking view and background to give you the old Wild West look to your game. A new inventory feature to store the objects when you run out of space, UI Store zooming feature to fit the screen resolution and Defense mode range optimization.

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